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  • Anti-counterfeit traceability scheme

  • Cold chain tracing scheme

  • Intelligent medical scheme

  • New retail plan



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Company news

Research on Large Capacity Information Push Technology Based on NFC

By analyzing the characteristics of NFC technology, this paper points out that there are problems in the current situation of NFC application, and proposes a large-capacity information push scheme bas...[Detail]

Smart card antenna design considerations and application scenarios

In recent years, contactless smart cards have increasingly been used in the field of payment and identification. In addition to the bus industry, which is currently the most widely used smart card, mo...[Detail]

How to understand the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things in the Internet of Things is Internet of Things, abbreviated as IoT. The “thing” here refers to everything that can be connected to the Internet around us. It is not everythin...[Detail]

  • 01

    What challenges and opportunit...


    RFID technology has always been regarded as one of the main technologies for implementing IoT applications. The prospects are very promising. In many ...[Detail]

  • 02

    Introduction to RFID antenna m...


    Antenna manufacturing technology is mainly coil winding in the low frequency range. The general UHF and high frequency antenna manufacturing methods m...[Detail]

  • 03

    RFID anti-metal tag features a...


    The difference between the rfid anti-metal tag and the rfid tag is that the RFID anti-metal tag adds an anti-metal material to the original, which pre...[Detail]

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