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Ntag213 standard size paper card
Chip Type: Ntag213
Working frequency : 13.56zmhz, ISO 14443A agreement
Technical parameters: 1024byte/80 memory. 100,000 erasable and rewritable data for 10 years
                   4/7Byte UID, 12 F is the initial password. 16 sectors, 4 blocks per sector
Packaging material: coated paper
Standard size: 85.5*54 or made to the required size
Card thickness: 0.55mm+-0.04 mm
Read and write distance: 1.5-8CM (related to antenna size, reader power)
Process selection: double-sided four-color, monochrome printing, high resistance / low anti-magnetic strip, barcode, coding, laser code, convex code,
                   Bronzing/silver, gold/silver, scratch, UV oil, portrait, punching, etc.
Application areas: banks, transportation, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, hotel parking, travel tickets, exhibition management, etc.
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