Disposable wrist strap No. 2
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Disposable wrist strap No. 2

The RFID disposable DuPont paper wrist belt is a disposable wrist band using RFID technology. It is made of multi-layer Du Bangzhi material with the characteristics of tensile, comfortable and durable. It is more suitable for a long time than the traditio

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Shape size:长255mm×宽25mm
chip type:EM4200,EM4305,TK4100,MIFARE S50/S70,
                 FM1108,NTAG213/215/216,ALIEN H3 ect.
Support standard:ISO14443A/ISO18000-6

working frequency:125Khz/13.56Mhz(depending on the type of chip)
Induction distance:0-6cm(depending on the type of chip and the card reader)
Data preservation:10years 
rewrite cycle:100 thousand times 
Packaging materials:Paper quality
ambient temperature:-20°C~+50°C
Applications: widely used in airport parcels, parcel tracking, amusement parks, bathing places,
                Activities in scenic spots, patient identification, maternal and child identification, monitoring and so on.

Product features: high tensile strength, good elongation and strong adaptability to the grass roots.
                 Waterproof, penetration resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, heat resistance and low temperature flexibility.
Color printing patterns and LOGO, with code, can print personalized information.
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